2017 Tige Boat Z1

Boat Z1 Boat Z1 Boat Z1 Boat Z1 Boat Z1

Sibling Rivalry

The Z1 might be the little brother to the Z3, but it puts up just as big of a fight. No matter what sport or activity you throw at it, the Z1 delivers on its reputation. Dial in a slalom wake, a huge wakeboarding wake or a surf wave sweet enough to fuel your endless summer.


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  • Length : 21.5' (6.6m)
  • Beam : 102" (259cm)
  • Seating : 14
  • Weight : 4200lbs (1905kg)
  • Fuel : 48gal (182l)
  • Hull : ConvexV
  • Draft : 29" (74cm)
  • Storage : 74.42ft³ (2.11m³)
  • Color Options : Infinite