2017 Tige Boat RZX2

Boat RZX2 Boat RZX2 Boat RZX2

The RZX2 leads the industry with unmatched design and technical innovation, without sacrificing its powerful performance and versatility. It might be the younger sibling to the RZX3, but the RZX2 boasts a presence that is undeniable. No wave has ever been this powerful, no wake has ever balanced your preferences with power, and no slalom set has ever been this accessible with the family in tow.


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  • Length : 22' (6.7m)
  • Beam : 102" (259cm)
  • Seating : 16
  • Weight : 5600lbs (2540kg)
  • Fuel : 65gal (246l)
  • Hull : ConvexV
  • Draft : 29" (74cm)
  • Storage : 79.16ft³ (2.24m³)
  • Color Options : Infinite