2018 Centurion Fi Series Fi23

Fi Series Fi23

Call It Exotic Sports Car Meets Luxury Sedan

Forget limitations. The Centurion Fi23 will expand your horizons like your very first boat. The new Opti-V modified deep-v hull design will change your view of the world. Mixing the maximum surf wave displacement and ride quality advantages of a deep-v with balance for a symmetrical wakeboard wake, you will discover the convenience of perfection behind this boat. Its superior handling and fuel economy tell a story of thoughtful design and customer-centric thinking.

The new Split HD Touch Vision dash enables you to control as much as 4,850 pounds of ballast, along with the two-second transfer of QuickSurf Pro and fast, flat take-offs of QuickLaunch. With available RAMFILL, the Fi23 can fill in as little as 45-seconds to create pro-level waves and wakes.

Because Centurion designed the Fi23 to offer an entry-premium price boat, some of the technology and luxuries that reside in the "World's Best" Ri Series have been taken out of the Fi or made optional. These changes can't suppress the luxurious interior and exuberant ride you will experience, however.


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  • Length : 23'
  • Beam : 102"
  • Draft : 32″
  • Fuel Capacity : 63 gallons
  • Seating : 63 gallons
  • Weight : 5150 lbs
  • Ballast : 4850 LBS